Kim Hansen

Having owned and operated businesses throughout his life, Kim Hansen is no stranger to being an entrepreneur.

As a youngster, Mr. Hansen was famous for asking the question, "Why?" And as an adult he is famous for asking the deeper question, "Why not?"

Being innovative and creative and having that positive `can-do` attitude, Mr. Hansen is bringing to the market a revolutionary way to help the struggling magazine industry, make magazines usable for those on the go, and create a new way to utilize something we all love for our own various reasons.

With Kim`s vision and ability to attract the right team of professionals, cutting edge audio technologies are now ready to benefit the magazine industry, advertisers, and ultimately the busy, on-the-go consumer who is ready to receive their magazines in a new format that allows them to listen to them; anytime, anywhere.

One of Mr. Hansen`s skills is surrounding himself with people smarter and better than he is in their respective fields, to that he credits his success and happiness.